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“I started seeing Judith about a year ago for B.E.S.T. sessions after I got out of a rehab center for addiction and trauma. Everything that Judith has provided for me has been an absolutely wonderful experience! I had never heard of anything like B.E.S.T. before, and thought it was worth a try. It has helped me in so many different aspects of my life and continues to help me improve to this day. I feel like a new person after every session. Balancing your body and releasing subconscious emotions can be quite magical! Not only have the B.E.S.T sessions been incredible in improving my life, Judith is also hands down the best person I have ever been given guidance from. Her wisdom of the energy fields and spiritual world are absolutely amazing. She always has such a positive and beautiful approach to anything I am experiencing and has helped me understand that the right approach to every situation is completely life changing. When I look back and realize how much I have improved and how differently I take on life and situations now, I am so grateful I made the decision to start going to see Judith. I look forward to my sessions every week, and I can’t wait to continue to grow and improve with this incredible practice that she provides!”
B. E., Denver, Colorado
"I began working with Judith with great curiosity and enthusiasm for experiencing the B.E.S.T process, and a bit of skepticism as well.  What I found over the course of the four sessions I have experienced so far is that after each session there is relief from the internal pressure that has chronically slowed me down throughout my life.  The relief I felt after each session was very real and lasted beyond the day and into the next week.  When I added the daily practice exercises that she coached me to do, I found and continue to find huge openings happening in the areas that I focus on.  I go from stuck to flowing and it is absolutely amazing."
M.G., Centennial, Colorado
"I have tried all types of therapy and they were all good so I can say without hesitation that B.E.S.T. therapy has brought me through healing farther and faster than any other method. If you are new to this method, Judith will guide you with joy, compassion and safety and provide all the tools necessary to be successful."
B.R., Denver, Colorado
"I have been a client of Judith’s for many months doing B.E.S.T. treatments and Energy Codes coaching. She has been an invaluable coach both for Energy Codes work and for guidance on difficult life issues I am currently going through. She is compassionate, patient and has an uncanny talent for taking any situation, no matter how big or difficult, and being able to coach me through it so I can look at it in a positive way. I cannot tell you how many times it has been a huge comfort to me. I never fail to walk out of a session without feeling both relaxed and much more positive with a lightness that I often don’t have when entering. After having B.E.S.T. sessions for about a month I started noticing I was experiencing less anxiety and my stomach pain and digestive issues were improving. They have continued to improve to a great extent with each session. I have improved so much from when I started with Judith. I highly recommend Judith for anyone who has any type of physical or emotional issues. If you just need to boost your health and lighten your worries for a calm joyful life then she can help you also. I intend to continue my sessions to further strengthen all my gains."
S.E., Littleton, Colorado
"I’m so grateful I found Judith! I discovered Judith after I started reading Dr. Sue Morter’s book on self healing – “The Energy Codes”. After doing some of the practices, I had lots of questions and wanted some coaching to ensure I was doing the breath work correctly. Judith was listed on Dr. Sue’s web page as a “Certified Master Trainer” for “Energy Codes” and a B.E.S.T. “Practitioner”. I didn’t know what B.E.S.T. was at the time, but the “Certified Master Trainer” sounded like she was just what I needed. In my initial phone conversation, Judith was easy to talk to, deeply caring, authentic and very knowledgeable about Dr. Sue’s work. Though she works with clients from various locations via web video, I wanted an in person meeting, at least to kick things off. Since the initially session, I’ve engaged Judith as both an “Energy Codes” coach and a B.E.S.T. Practitioner (B.E.S.T. promotes healing by releasing unconscious blockages and neurological patterns within the body), and have found her and the results to be truly extraordinary. She made the concepts real and gave me simple ways to integrate the practices into my life. It’s clear she’s passionate about helping her clients clear blockages (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) and to step into their brilliance and power. Additionally, I was deeply inspired and encouraged by her personal experiences of how these practices have healed and positively changed her life and understanding of herself. It’s very clear that she’s “walking the talk” and has a true “calling” to do this work and help others. In the past several months of working with “Energy Codes” and Judith, I’ve experienced a palpable reduction in fear, increased awareness and focus of my life path, and perhaps most importantly, a clearer and energized experience of life from my authentic self vs. through the lens of old stories, hurts and distortions that have kept me “stuck” for years. My sense of purpose, power and clarity is growing and it’s wonderful! I encourage anyone who believes deep down they can be FREE, but is feeling worn down and stuck to reach out to Judith and begin to dissolve that “stuckiness” and experience the truth if who they are – Love, Purpose, Whole."
– Philisia
"Judith, Thank you so much for the work you have done with me. It has helped me feel much clearer with my energy flows. You are very skillful with and knowledgeable about this energy work. You have a true gift for this work.

And my ankle which had been frozen from a twisted ankle that occurred 30 years ago when my father died now bends!!! Talk about clearing an energy blockage. Thanks so much."
– Kathleen
"Judith is a kind and patient therapist. She took the time to explain the process and to answer questions. She is dedicated to the practice and cares about my well being. She made me feel special and not like I was just another client. I brought friends for treatment, one with dementia and she was kind and patient with him. It was greatly appreciated. I will return for future visits."
– Cindy P., Denver, Colorado

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