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two seals resting snuggled on dock

Essential Rest is B.E.S.T!

B.E.S.T. sessions help the body release the fight or flight stress that keeps us from relaxation and restful sleep. My life coaching program includes user friendly evening practices that help improve the quality of your sleep and strengthen your immune system.

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magic of yellow irises in yard

Remember the magic

Stepping out on my porch on this warm summer day, I am greeted by a multitude of singing birds, their chirping melodies filling the air. I stop, mesmerized by

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close up of red rose

Embrace the Moment

Embrace the moment, seize the day! Life is waiting for YOU to come out and play. It’s so easy to forget life is supposed to be fun! So often

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Cynthia James Women Awakening

Cynthia James with Judith Rudloff about principles and practices to nurture Inner Healing Energy


I am committed to creating a community where women can grow and expand into joyous and abundant living.  I believe we are all here to thrive and this is an extraordinary time on the planet for women to emerge.”  – Cynthia James

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