Quantum Science tells us we are more than our physical bodies. Learn techniques to nurture your Inner Healing Energy and, as a result, live a healthy, creative and joy-filled life!

Work with me to find your joy and live your dream.


Experience renewed and sustainable vitality, strength, and well being.

Life Balance

Increase your clarity, focus, and inner sense of peace and promote healing.


Create meaningful, supportive, and heart-centered bonds.

Are you:

We all struggle with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. As a result of working together with me, you’ll learn how you can experience deep healing by enhancing your own inner healing energy. I am dedicated to empowering you to heal in every aspect of your life.

Utilize energy medicine technology and discover principles and practices that have helped thousands of people heal. We work together as you find your own path to an inspiring and joy-filled life experience.

What people are saying:
"I have tried all types of therapy and they were all good so I can say without hesitation that B.E.S.T. therapy has brought me through healing farther and faster than any other method. If you are new to this method, Judith will guide you with joy, compassion and safety and provide all the tools necessary to be successful."
B.R., Denver, Colorado

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