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If you said yes to any of the above, Inner Healing Coaching is your doorway to a richer, healthier, more abundant and joyous life.

Judith knows because she walks this path, too.

Judith and Dr Sue with Energy Codes book

Judith Rudloff, Certified Master Trainer, with Dr. Sue Morter, author of “The Energy Codes”, at the Energy Codes Book Launch event in 2019.

A time of transition

Judith spent decades of her life in search of an inspiring life experience for herself. Her ability to find that life was hindered by viewing her life through a filter of limiting beliefs she created from her own thoughts and perceptions. Her thoughts of unworthiness, lack, abandonment, fear of failure, and loneliness kept her from the life she sought.

She transformed her life into a healthy, inspiring, joy-filled experience through incorporating Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) sessions. The principles and practices of the Energy Codes®, developed by Dr. Sue Morter, positively impacted her life. Judith continues the user-friendly daily practices she teaches others to keep her healthy, balanced, integrated as well as finding joy in every moment.

Having found more joy and fulfillment in life than she had ever previously imagined, Judith would be honored to help you find your own path. She utilizes her skill as an intuitive energy healer and Energy Codes® Master Trainer to promote health, abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

Judith’s wellness and life mastery coaching philosophy is grounded in the truth that our life experience is supposed to be inspiring, fulfilling and fun! With the principles and practices of the Energy Codes®, Judith helps you to ‘peel back the layers of the onion’ you have created in your life, and find the dynamic YOU!

We work together to:

Judith teaches simple and effective practices and principles that have helped thousands of people improve their health, find magic in each moment, change the ‘aging’ story and live their best life. These practices can work for you, too.

In coaching sessions, Judith teaches you user-friendly (yes, even for you no matter how super busy your life) daily practices to enhance your inner healing energy.

These key principles emerge from various documented modalities including:

Utilizing principles specific to your life experience, Judith works with you to bring peace, balance and joy into your life experience. These practices promote mind-body-breath integration and embodiment. They will support you in changing your story from surviving to thriving, and create sustainable mindfulness and joy in your life.

Everything is energy, you are energy!


Inner Healing Premium Coaching packages:  Packages include life mastery coaching sessions, B.E.S.T.  sessions, mid-week ‘touch base’ sessions for encouragement and accountability, homework, body chemistry and nutritional assessments, and creation of your unique plan of action to take your life to the next level. 

Increase your opportunity for success, commit to a coaching package, embody your greatness, and awaken to your true, joyful, vibrant, self! Select from a 3-month ($2,900) or a 6-month ($3,900) package, custom package options are also available. Schedule a Remote Discovery Call to discuss which package is right for you! 

Individual sessions are available, 75 minutes for $150. 

Energy Codes Master Trainer


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