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Judith Rudloff: A bit of my journey from pain to joy

In 2012, an injury caused intense pain in my head, neck and shoulder. I spent 8 months trying typical and various treatments. These included muscle relaxing drugs, physical therapy, massage and acupuncture. Nothing touched the pain or made me feel better beyond a few moments at a time.

May 2013 is when I attended a 3-day Energy Codes® workshop by Dr. Sue Morter. I received my first Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) treatment and experienced the healing power of the Energy Codes®. After a 30 minute B.E.S.T. session, the near constant pain was gone. And the pain did not return, unlike my experience with the other treatments I’d tried in the prior 8 months.

If you’ve ever doubted what you can’t see, you might be able to relate to how surprised I was. I am a scientist and a technology geek. I spent almost 40 years working in various aspects of geology, data management and computer programming. Yet in 2011, something inside me started calling for a change.

While I loved my work and was very accomplished at it, I realized that there was something missing. Knowing there was something more and I had no idea what was missing. I decided to choose a different path and to listen to that still, small inner voice.

Transition time

In May of 2013, I was invited to a women’s conference in Vail, Colorado. After initially turning down the offer of a free room, that still, small voice told me to say “yes.” I walked into an experience with the Energy Codes® that was like nothing I had ever known, or more accurately, an experience I had known forever, yet never consciously acknowledged. It was the first time I found that there were others who thought exactly as I do.

It was at the women’s conference that I first heard Dr. Sue Morter, author of The Energy Codes, A 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life speak. I realized that Dr. Sue was inviting me into a greater life experience and wholesome perspective on life. I immediately signed up for Dr. Sue’s coursework.

This includes studying:

I completed multiple Certified Facilitator programs with Dr. Sue and am now a Certified Energy Codes Master Trainer. In March 2019, I was a teaching assistant at Dr. Sue’s Energy Codes® Book Launch event with over 300 attendees.

Over the past 6 years, I have used the principles and practices of the Energy Codes® to heal physical and emotional issues including:

Before I discovered the Energy Codes® my life experience was one of near constant fear of not being safe. I experienced anxiety around not being good enough. I suffered an ever present sense of being abandoned and not belonging. My studies in the principles of quantum science and bioenergetics, as well as the practices of conscious breath work, BodyAwake® yoga and embodiment, helped transform my life into a fulfilling life of service filled with joy and love.

A life lived in joyful anticipation of what is next to unfold.

A full time career transition into Energy Medicine began in August 2017 when I was laid off from my last full time job. My initial response was one of shock and why me? Thanks to my work with the Energy Codes®, that feeling quickly transitioned (within about 30 minutes!) into the realization that I was complete in my 40-year role as geologist. I realized that this experience was for my benefit as it opened new doors into a new and fulfilling chapter in my life, allowing me to follow this higher calling.

Finding our ability to heal and live joyfully

Passionate about helping people discover their own ability to heal and live a joyful, fulfilling life, I offer multiple services utilizing my extensive training as a Certified B.E.S.T. and Spiritual B.E.S.T. Practitioner, a Certified Freedom Coach, and a Certified Dr. Sue Morter Energy Codes® Facilitator / Master Trainer.  

B.E.S.T. is the perfect complement to the energy flow techniques learned in the Energy Codes® studies and the mind-body connection work of Freedom Coaching. These modalities on their own or packaged together help release subconscious interferences—those hidden beliefs formed when we were quite young based on our then limited perceptions of life. These beliefs stay with us long after the original conditions that form them have been forgotten. Often our reactions are based in these old beliefs instead of the actual current experience.

From my own experience, the daily practices I use and teach give you the power to awaken your own healing potential. The practices can enliven your inner healing energy system and transform your life in all areas. I am delighted to offer B.E.S.T. treatments, Freedom Coaching packages, spiritual guidance sessions, workshops, book studies and group or individual wellness sessions. I know that these modalities have significantly enhanced the lives of my clients and they can do the same for you! Sessions are offered online using Zoom or in person at my office in Centennial, CO.



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